The overall costs for treatment can vary a great deal based upon length of treatment and the payment source. Most insurance companies generally cover a major portion of substance abuse treatment, with each person having at least some financial responsibility. Upon each persons first visit, our support staff will contact your insurance provider to determine your benefits and develop a payment plan. There are also programs available that can help assist with the costs of treatment. We would be happy to verify your insurance benefit information, if you wish, before your first appointment.  
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Residential Program
Primary Treatment Program
provide residential treatment services for adults age 18 and up. Upon entering treatment each client will participate in a thorough assessment. This helps our treatment team develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is unique to each person.

Phase One - Primary Treatment
This level of care offers group and one on one therapy, co-occurring education and screening, gender specific groups, family programming and individualized assignments.

Phase One - Co-Occurring
Our Co-occurring Track includes 45 days of residential care, specific groups, education and awareness, medication management and family programming specific to co-occurring.  This track is managed by a LADC, Mental Health Professional, LPN and Program Director. 

Phase Two - Extended Care
Our Extended Care is designed for those who need a slower paced treatment and is longer in duration; usually 45 to 90 days.  This allows for better stabilization and the client is more prepared to manage their illness on an on-going basis.

Phase Three – Halfway House
After completing Phase One or Two, these clients are stable enough to actively seek employment, attend school and secure housing. These clients still attend a variety of therapeutic programming however individual schedules vary by client. There are a limited number of beds and the stay is usually 90 days.

Phase Four – Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
This level of care is for those who are assessed to have a stable home, transportation, supportive family and community involvement to participate in an intensive level of care without residing in the facility.  It includes all the above program services and is 4 to 6 weeks in length.

Gender Specific
New Visions Center has set aside special groups that address the specific needs of men and women in their recovery.

New Visions Center offers Family Programming for clients and their family members who are suffering from the negative effects of substance abuse and addiction.

Opiate treatment with Soboxone (Buprenorphine)
Our Medical Director, Dr. Gagne, has received her certification to prescribe Buprenorphine and taper the client off prior to discharge.  Buprenorphine assisted withdrawal through Dr. Gagne is only used in conjunction with a residential stay here at New Visions Center.  The goal here is to assist patients in staying in treatment and use this in conjunction with behavioral changes and addictions therapy.


Key Contacts
Treatment Costs Jane Hanson, Office Manager
Residential Program Doug Paulson, Director

Adult Programs Phase I Adult Primary Treatment
adult primary treatment program is designed to address each person’s immediate needs. The focus will be to help the client and their family members begin to understand how drug or alcohol abuse has impacted them. As well as to help each client and family member develop the necessary coping mechanisms to help insure long-term recovery from the effects of addiction.

Morning & Evening Programs to accommodate schedule
Nine to twelve weeks in length
Two weekly group sessions
Weekly individual or family sessions
Morning Program meets Monday & Thursday 9am – 12 noon
Evening Program meets Monday & Thursday 6 pm – 9 pm

Adult Programs bullet Phase II Adult Relapse Prevention Program
T program is designed for the person who has completed our primary program, or a program elsewhere. We will also admit people who have had prior treatment, and are not in need of a primary program. The focus of the Relapse program will be to address relapse triggers, to help each client better understand the relapse process, and to help each person implement a clear, workable plan to achieve long term recovery from addiction.

bullet 12 week program
bullet Meets once per week for 2 hours- Tuesday 10am - 12pm (noon) or 5:30pm - 7:30pm
bullet Individual and Family therapy as needed

Adolescent Programs Adolescent Primary Outpatient Treatment
Our adolescent programs have been developed with the needs of young people, and their families in mind. For example, we keep our groups shorter, but more frequent in the primary programs. The treatment assignments have been developed with the needs and developmental issues that are present with the young people. We strongly emphasize family involvement in the entire treatment process.

Phase I Adolescent Primary Treatment
Ten weeks in length
Two weekly group sessions
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00 pm - 5:00pm
Family group sessions scheduled as needed

Phase II Adolescent Primary Treatment
10-week program
Meets once per week for 2 hours
Individual sessions regularly throughout treatment

Key Contacts
Alexandria Outpatient Program Heather Cogger Clinical Supervisor
Morris Outpatient Program Dennis Taffe Counselor